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Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal

We are a locally owned and operated company. We have been in the same business for four generations. Our customers are our neighbors and friends who live and work in Northeast Ohio. Your satisfaction is our goal and we do our level best to make you happy.

Here is a sample customer feedback from Shirley in Auburn Township Oho:

I typed a recommendation on Yahoo.com about your company although I know that you are well established. I just couldn't resist. Thank you for your all that you do for us. We appreciate you very much. Below is what I typed on Yahoo.com.


We called at 8 am because we had no water. The well pump was replaced and we had water by 10 a.m. Since our well pump was 30 yrs old, we were prepared to hear that we needed a whole new system to include well pump, wiring, switches, pressure tank, etc. Denny Herr was at our home by 8:45 a.m. He checked everything and found that we only needed a well pump. We asked him to replace wiring in addition with the pump. The very many questions we asked were answered completely and with respect and patience. The service, the quality of materials, the knowledge, the expediency, and the warranty are all above and beyond our research for this service. The cost was less than other companies. We strongly recommend Denny Herr. Our neighbor recommended this company to us.

Our products carry manufacturer warranties and our service/repair work is guaranteed. Just call us and we'll make it right.

Your feedback is always welcome. Let us know what you think about us. Just go to the contact us page. In addition to free estimates, we would also be glad to provide customer references.

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